Classical Pilates Prescott. We are a classical Pilates studio in Prescott AZ equipped with top-of-the-line Gratz Pilates equipment. We offer private and duet sessions on all the Pilates equipment as well as group mat classes and Balanced Strength exercise classes for seniors. We also offer Life and Wellness coaching.

Owner, Lucille Pratibha Noggle, is a second generation Pilates teacher who studied with and was certified by Joseph Pilates protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. She has over 17 years experience teaching classical Pilates.

Joseph Pilates said that his method of exercise “develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”

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  • After suffering a broken pelvis due to a horse riding accident, I struggled with chronic back, hip and leg pain for over 8 years. I spent much time, energy and money in failed and often painful rehabilitation attempts.

    I approached Lucille desperate for help. She has by far exceeded my expectations!  Lucille constructed a program to fit my rehabilitation needs that allowed for a gradual progression of healing. Her method is gentle yet challenging and was the exact combination I was looking for. Lucille also provides a safe and fun exercise environment.

    With Lucille’s program I finally regained my strength without inflaming my old injury. I no longer need pain medication and I feel more youthful and flexible. I am back to riding my horses, waterskiing, hiking and I went snow skiing this winter!

    Sarah C.
  • I am very athletic and want to stay as fit as possible as I age. I started taking Pilates sessions last year to add variety to my work outs. I am a competitive golfer and taking Pilates sessions using the reformer has increased my flexibility and strengthened my core and back muscles. It also has minimized occasional back issues. I feel GREAT after my Pilates sessions. I am hooked on Pilates and highly recommend instructor Lucille Noggle.

    Shay B.
  • When I first started Pilates with Lucille, I had nearly constant pain down the outside of my right thigh, my knee hurt and both my knee and foot were twisted in opposite directions. I had a hip replacement about a year ago and even with all the physical therapy, massage and everything else I did, nothing took care of that blocked, “clumpy” feeling that I had. I was not flowing when I walked or did anything else.

    With Pilates I began to feel, although it was slight at the beginning, different parts of me moving more freely and independently, even if it was just a part of my foot or my leg. I became aware that I was starting to move differently and the blocked, clumpy feeling was going away.

    I now can feel my hip, knee and foot beginning to line up. But even more than that, just on a daily level, the pain is gone. I no longer have that cutting, burning pain down the outside of my thigh and my knee is not hurting. It’s just not there – That is huge!

    Autumn S.
  • Before I started Pilates, due to the many years of office work, my posture was so rounded and forward and there was a disconnect between my mind, my body and how I moved. Pilates is aligning so many things with my body: my shoulders, neck, back and my posture in general. I now have more balance and it is the balance, literally, between my mind and my mind working my body. I no longer have to think about it – it has become all natural now.

    My energy level has really increased and I no longer have migraine headaches. I have a lot more stamina and I’m able to do many more activities during the day. It has improved my daily life.

    I just went back to a highly demanding job that daily requires a lot of sitting and computer work in addition to handling the every day stresses of that demanding position. With the help of Pilates, my body- physically and emotionally, no longer processes those stresses through chronic pain, illnesses or migraine headaches. It’s a non-event now and I’m able to be so much more active than I literally have ever been in my life. My recovery time is much quicker than it’s ever been, so it’s been an absolute win-win solution.” Thank you Lucille!

    Sue S.
  • I am 72 and for the last two and a half years Pilates has been my focal point for exercise.  Lucille has been my instructor and guide.  I have done my routine consistently over the two-year period of time.  This has resulted in weight loss, as well as increased flexibly, endurance and strength plus a general overall sense of well-being.  It is a series of exercises well suited for any age and I highly recommend it.

    Paul W.
  • Since I’ve been doing Pilates, which is the last 3 or 4 years, every time I have a bone density test it improves a little bit. That is from the weight bearing exercise that you get with the springs on the Pilates equipment. I have also become more flexible.

    Shirley E.
  • After many years of searching to find a way to help strengthen my body and relieve daily pain levels that would knock my off my feet, I found Lucille… Thank Heavens.

    After my first few weeks of Pilates with her, I could feel my pain levels dropping and my spirits lifting…. I could easily breath again!! Lucille has helped me improve my body when I was at a point of thinking nothing would help. Her belief in me has given me the strength to go that extra exercise and I always leave walking taller, stronger and proud of myself that I could do it!

    I feel truly blessed to have a coach such as Lucille, who is knowledgeable, caring, guides me to find my inner and outer strength and most of all, encourages me to honor my body and mind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Belinda S.
  • When I retired a few years ago it was a difficult transition from a frenzied, stressful lifestyle. Working with Lucille has helped me to transform my thinking, slow down, re-prioritize and value my health and myself. This has allowed me to journey toward greater inner peace and renewed awareness of how precious each day of life can be. I have learned to incorporate more centering activities and higher levels of fitness into my life and have had increased success with weight loss.

    Lucille is immediately trustworthy, a fully present listener and has the highest professional integrity. She is always there to encourage and remind me to stay the course. It is my highest honor to recommend her as a coach.

    Judi G
  • Lucille is a phenomenal coach and has assisted me as I achieve radiant health and well being. Her knowledge and vast skills have been extremely valuable in my efforts to shift my weight, eat healthier and live more fully in my body. I am experiencing weight loss success and feel confident in reaching my goals. I truly enjoy working with her and immensely appreciate her humor, talents and commitment

    Tamra S
  • Lucille has many talents and abilities, but one of the most important is her ability to focus and center the individuals that she works with by bringing their awareness back to the present moment and to the core of the issue.

    Jo N
  • Lucille has a broad knowledge in general health issues, weight management and the physical results of stress on the body. She has been most helpful to me recently, as I have experienced a very stressful, demanding time in my life. Lucille conducts herself professionally, yet is a great listener and is easy to talk with. She continually encourages me to do my best. She has had a very positive impact on my lifestyle.

    Kathy B