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Lucille Pratibha Noggle CPCC CHT

Lucille, the owner of Studio Sol Pilates, is a second generation Pilates instructor, who trained with Joseph Pilates’ protégé Romana Kryzanowska. She is also a certified Life coach. She received her Pilates certification from Romana in 1998 and has been teaching classical Pilates ever since. Her desire is to impart some of the “ joi de vivre“ and dedication to the Pilates system that she felt with Romana, when working with her own clients during their Pilates sessions. She has been teaching Pilates in Prescott, AZ since 2013.


Lucille has worked with clients from ages 5-87 at varying levels of fitness, including post physical therapy up to conditioned athletes who want to improve their game.


Lucille has extensive experience individualizing the classical Pilates repertoire and other wellness solutions to benefit the unique needs of clients with injuries, physical limitations and special conditions. Her experience includes working with clients with arthritis; hip, knee and shoulder replacements; scoliosis; spinal rods; back, neck and shoulder injuries; MS, lupus and fibromyalgia.


Through the years of experience working deeply with people’s bodies and minds teaching Pilates, Lucille also saw how stuck emotions, attitudes and life situations could show up as pain, tightness and dysfunctional movement in the body. In conversation with her clients, other areas of their life that needed to change were revealed. To be better able to serve the deeper needs of her clients is what inspired her to become a certified Life coach and Hypnotherapist.


As a Life and Wellness coach, she has helped individuals navigate important life transitions; master centering and stress reduction strategies; improve their nutrition and exercise regimes, lose weight and improve their body-image and self-esteem.

She has helped hundreds of clients gain the energy, strength and flexibility to move confidently in their bodies and lives with more grace and ease. Lucille passion is to help individuals have a happy, healthy body and to live a fulfilled life.


  • B.ED. Psychology, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Canada
  • Dance Program, San Francisco State University, CA
  • Pilates certification, Romana‘s Pilates, Pilates Seattle International
  • CHT. The Hypnotherapy Training Institute, CA
  • CPCC. The Coaches Training Institute, CA

with Romana Kryzanowska

What Our Clients Say

After suffering a broken pelvis due to a horse riding accident, I struggled with chronic back, hip and leg pain for over 8 years. I spent much time, energy and money in failed and often painful rehabilitation attempts.

I approached Lucille desperate for help. She has by far exceeded my expectations!  Lucille constructed a program to fit my rehabilitation needs that allowed for a gradual progression of healing. Her method is gentle yet challenging and was the exact combination I was looking for. Lucille also provides a safe and fun exercise environment.

With Lucille’s program I finally regained my strength without inflaming my old injury. I no longer need pain medication and I feel more youthful and flexible. I am back to riding my horses, waterskiing, hiking and I went snow skiing this winter!

- Sarah C.

I am very athletic and want to stay as fit as possible as I age. I started taking Pilates sessions last year to add variety to my work outs. I am a competitive golfer and taking Pilates sessions using the reformer has increased my flexibility and strengthened my core and back muscles. It also has minimized occasional back issues. I feel GREAT after my Pilates sessions. I am hooked on Pilates and highly recommend instructor Lucille Noggle.

- Shay B.