Services & Prices

We provide top of the line Gratz studio equipment to increase the effectiveness of your Pilates workout. The studio is equipped with reformers, cadillac, wunda chairs, high chair, ladder barrels, wall units, spine corrector and accessory equipment.

New to Pilates or the studio?

Get started with our Intro Package $145

(3 private sessions on all the equipment)

Private Sessions

On the mat and all of the equipment.

  • Single private session: $65
  • 5 pack of private sessions: $310
  • 10 pack of private sessions: $600

Group Mat Classes

Classical Pilates mat format using magic circles and/or hand weights with an extra balance and

  • Single class: $16
  • 10 pack of mat classes: $145

(If new to Pilates, student must complete the intro package of 3 private sessions before moving into a group class)

Semi-Private Sessions

On the reformers, wunda chairs, wall units, ladder barrels, mats and accessory equipment.

(If you bring in your own partner, both partners receive a 10% discount on first package)

  • Single session: $45 per person
  • 5 pack of duet sessions: $210 per person
  • 10 pack of duet sessions: $400 per person

Balance & Strength Chair Class

Exercises from the Pilates repertoire with special attention to balance, stretch and range of motion exercises. Designed for those that would like the support of a chair.

  • Single class: $18
  • 5 pack of Balance & Strength classes: $75


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