About Coaching

“Individuals who engage in a coaching relationship can expect to experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision- making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life roles.”
ICF – International Coaches Federation


A life coach helps you clarify the changes you want to make in your life. Coaching helps you set personal and professional goals and gives you the support to keep you on track to achieving those goals.

Your coach is your ally. They are there as support to help you find solutions for the roadblocks that may arise along the path. Coaching is completely confidential and the coaching relationship creates a safe and supportive space for you to explore options, clarify your values, and create a plan of action to achieve what you want to have happen in your life.


Wellness Coaching wheelCOACHING AREAS:
Wellness Coaching
Transitions Coaching
Body Image and Self-care


Is your health suffering from the effects of stress? Do you want to lose weight, get in shape and feel better about yourself? Do you want to be active, but just can’t seem to get inspired to move?

Wellness coaching focuses on creating positive changes in areas of your life that need change in order to improve your health and wellness. Coaching can identify lifestyle patterns that sabotage your best intentions and plans. It assists you in gaining clarity and understanding about those patterns. With the help of your coach, you create a plan of action for making the changes you desire and you receive the accountability and support so you can achieve your desired results.


  • Create new healthful habits with exercise, nutrition & stress reduction
  • Lose weight
  • Feel better about yourself and your life
  • Create healthier relationships
  • Clear and focus your mind
  • Incorporate more centering practices into your life to reduce stress
  • Achieve better work-life balance

Start feeling good again!


Are you or your loved ones struggling with major life transitions? We all go through transitions in our life, but some transitions are harder than others. Coaching helps you find more clarity and understanding of yourself and others. Coaching can help you create strategies to cope effectively with the change at hand. It gives you the support you need to move forward with confidence and create new beginnings in your life that resonate with your core values, passion and life purpose.


  • Manage Stress
  • Establish time and create boundaries for your own self-care in order to take better care of yourself and others
  • Stay calm and confident in challenging situations
  • Make difficult decisions
  • Improve your communication
  • Get a clear picture of what you really want in your life
  • Establish a “game plan” to achieve your goals

Move forward in life with a flow!


We all have ideas about who we are and how we look, and we are quite frequently our own most critical judge. If you listen to the self-talk in your mind when you look in the mirror, do you find yourself looking at the wrinkles or extra weight around your middle? Or do you look at yourself with admiration and give yourself positive regard and feedback?

Body image coaching focuses on recognizing and improving the relationship between mind, emotions and body. It is a confidential and safe place to explore the nature of the limiting self-talk and then to start transforming it into more positive self-regard. It creates more body awareness in order to give the body what it needs to be healthy and happy. It encourages the natural grace of the body to emerge.


  • Create new, healthy self care patterns
  • Discover the link between your posture and your emotions and attitudes
    Develop better posture
  • Become more calm and relaxed – more “at ease in your own skin.”
  • Incorporate higher levels of self-care into your busy life to increase your energy, stamina and become more productive
  • Improve your attitude toward yourself and others
  • Honor the body and get in touch with it’s innate wisdom

Get your body, life and joy moving!

Coaching is available in person, via teleconference, FaceTime and Skype.
In person sessions are typically one hour and phone coaching is typically 30 min.

Coaching is available as:

  • Individual one time “spot coaching” session on a specific topic.
  • On going coaching of 2-3 coaching sessions per month depending on the length of sessions plus email “check-in” support.

Contact Lucille at (928) 305-4638 for a complementary 30 min. discovery session to see whether coaching would be a good fit for you!

Pilates clients receive 10% discount on all coaching services

What Our Clients Say

When I retired a few years ago it was a difficult transition from a frenzied, stressful lifestyle. Working with Lucille has helped me to transform my thinking, slow down, re-prioritize and value my health and myself. This has allowed me to journey toward greater inner peace and renewed awareness of how precious each day of life can be. I have learned to incorporate more centering activities and higher levels of fitness into my life and have had increased success with weight loss.

Lucille is immediately trustworthy, a fully present listener and has the highest professional integrity. She is always there to encourage and remind me to stay the course. It is my highest honor to recommend her as a coach.

- Judi G

Lucille is a phenomenal coach and has assisted me as I achieve radiant health and well being. Her knowledge and vast skills have been extremely valuable in my efforts to shift my weight, eat healthier and live more fully in my body. I am experiencing weight loss success and feel confident in reaching my goals. I truly enjoy working with her and immensely appreciate her humor, talents and commitment

- Tamra S